Sex Workshops for Men & Woman

It’s been suggested to me recently that I should teach woman how to have sex or should I say please a men. Now, I know only too well that this goes both ways so lets say Men & Woman…. everybody.

Years ago when I grew up, there wasn’t as much information around as there is now. We all grew up believing that sex was up to a man to initiate and if it was to be adventurous then a man would have to bring new ideas into the bedroom.  Totally unfair of course.

Fortunately for me, I had a man that introduced a few new things to the bedroom that I found interesting and exciting. Unknowingly he probably opened a can of worms for me. I always had a naturally curiosity for things. After that relationship broke up I had a few other sexual encounters and new experiences come my way and my curiosity rose.

Now, let me just say that guys and girls need to express themselves and give a little direction.  Nearly every woman and man is a little different to the next and we cannot read minds, so tell us if you’d like a little harder squeezed, faster, slower, deeper, softer…. help us help you.  Of course if the messages delivered respectfully, I can’t see how anything could go wrong. From time to time over the years Ive heard a bunch of guys discussing sex with woman. Often Id hear them saying how someone gave great head. With a curiosity and willingness to learn I would turn to them and ask them what was so good about it and to describe it to me.  Disappointingly, they would always reply with “I don’t know, it was just great”, Or, “not too sure what it was exactly, but it was everything”. None of that helped me to realise this secret or to improve in the bedroom.  Then I ended up hanging out with a gay man that became my best friend for almost a year. He was just as open to discussing sex as I was and over time I asked him what great head looked like and he graciously shared with me. Now there were a couple of things he didn’t mention that I knew about so I shared those with him too.  Together through the sharing of techniques, we were able to both refine our skills and improve the benefits to YOU.

Lesson Number 1: ~ Always give direction when its needed, and always ask for feedback! Don’t get offended!


Give it a shot and see how you go!

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  1. James
    James says:

    Such absolutely correct and sound advice Roxy. Something I will do my best to keep in the back of my head during my next encounter with the opposite sex.


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