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 33 reviews
by Anonymous on Blank Business Name
Great service

First time 18 year old virgin really recommend it to anyone trying out


Roxy is one of a kind, takes her time to get relaxed doesn’t rush makes sure you’re enjoying every minute the whole time. She is absolutely stunning I wouldnt bother going to any one else x

by Cameron S on Blank Business Name

As soon as I saw Roxy's photo's online, I had to call her straight away. I was surprised at how easy it was to chat to her and felt a connection instantly by simply talking on the phone. I made a time to meet with her.I was a little apprehensive to start. Id been to see escorts before that didn't look like the photo's online but Roxy had promised me she was the same person as in her fabulous photos.I wasn't disappointed.. she was in fact better in person. I could take my eyes off her as she moved about the room. The way she held herself, you could tell she was very comfortable in her own skin, nothing seem an effort and I found her confidence incredibly sexy.I loved the way she took complete control, starting with a massage that had me rock hard within seconds of feeling her touch. It just got better and better. Roxy blew me away, she did tell me she would knock my socks off and that she definitely did. I have never felt that amazing before, or done a lot of the things Roxy did to me.... amazing!She also told me she could potentially ruin sex for me again, and I think she got that right too. Not sure how I'll ever find sex that would compare or even come slightly close to the experience she gave me.All I can do is say WOW!!! Very impressed with the exceptional service I received. Roxy you truly are incredible!! Thank you!

Really Attractive and Just Like Her Photo's

Im a 20 year old guy and was looking to try a cougar experience.I contacted Roxy because I really loved her photos. I was glad that when I met her, Roxy was really attractive, and looked just like her photo's.Roxy got me trying new things which was great! I loved the sex with her!Roxy was good to sit and chat with too, found her to be very easy going.To anyone looking for a really good time, I definitely recommend you go and see Roxy. You'll be very happy you did.

Highly Recommended

Roxy is welcoming, accomodating, and she knows what she's doing. Really down to earth, she comes highly recommended!

by Yazi Bowden on Blank Business Name
Roxy is definitely Top Class #1

I found Roxy to be not only be Super Hot Sexy, but she is a very kind lady . She is Top Class guaranteed to amaze you!I've been to see four other escorts during the last 3 years, and always thought they were amazing but today Roxy took the number one spot! Never before have I experienced what I did with Roxy.I wanted to tell everybody just how amazing she is, so that you can be confident, you won't waste your money! . You really should take the time to give Roxy a try.

by Michael on Blank Business Name
WOW!!! A True Cougar

I contacted Roxy one night for a good time. I rocked up not expecting much as i have been let down in the past. She greeted me with a sexy smile, and straight away I felt connected.Roxy started off with the most amazing erotic massage and done things to me I have never experienced before, she really let things warm up before we had sex, which only added to the excitement.I can't recommend her enough, one of the best experiences I have ever had!

by Bay Watcher on Blank Business Name
Cougar's Lair

Roxy greeted me for my very first booking wearing her sexy 6” heels and incredibly sexy lingerie. My initial impression of her was, Wow, Classy, Pornstar, Pole Dancer and Stripper all rolled into one.I was very happy to see she looked just like she does in her websites gallery photo’s.Roxy was extremely friendly and was quick to make me feel comfortable. Roxy exudes confidence and Charisma and even though I had just met with her for the first time, she was very warm, friendly, relaxed and easy to be around.After offering me drink she then lead me to her ‘Cougars Lair’, as I entered, I was shocked, I didn’t expect to see so many sex toys, devices, and gadets. All used to help Roxy take me to new heights sexually. Roxy certainly has more sex toys than Toys R Us has toys for kids.All of the promises made on her website about how good she is are completely true, and she may be even better than first described on her Bio. I spent the next hour trapped in her Lair she toyed with me like a pussycat with a stunned mouse. She had her claws out most of the time, but she also had a feather like touch and when she decided it was time,she finished me off!!!!!!!From the moment you set eyes on Roxy you’ll have fallen prey to her Sexual Experience, Style, Class and Elegance…


Where to even start? From the moment I walked through the door I was welcomed with a warm vibe and was able to easily build a rapport. After a sensual scrub up together we moved into the bedroom which is where she worked her magic and it just got better and better! She took the time to appreciate and rub down the areas you don't get in a usual massage and did well to alleviate any tension I earlier had. Once we'd gotten into it I couldn't handle that wondrous and curvaceous body and boy oh boy am I glad I didn't pass up the opportunity and pounded that ass. However she is working it it looks hot AF and definitely will not forget the time together till next time I hope as it would oh so worth every minute. Best ass, much class definitely a cougar that's worth the cash!

I have met quite a few service providers in my last 3 years but no one had ever came close to the service Roxy provides . If you are younger and after an older woman experience, hands down Roxy is far ahead, than anyone I ever met. She is just a super fit , erotic and boundary pushing babe.Obviously 500 dollars an hour might sound scary but yes, she will show you her worth for the money.She really worked hard to satisfy me and push the boundaries in sex.Thank u Roxy!!She is the best i have ever met!!

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