Part One: How To Get a Woman in the Mood….

Many men think that licking pussy is all that its about while others think that sticking there fingers in there without any prior preparation, will feel good too.

Unfortunately, woman are not highly sexed, testerone filled  beings like men are. They don’t wake up horny or even get horny over nothing. The process although different than for a man, it’s still a process that not surprisingly many men enjoy as well.

So, in tribute to every woman out there, please let me educate all you men a little.  

Step One:  Set the Right Mood ~ Dim the lights, turn on some candles and music.

Step Two: Help a woman to unwind from the stresses of everyday life.  Helping her slip into a more relaxed and more sexy frame of mind, is a great way to start.  My favourite way to be turned on is through massage. Nothing gets me more turned on than a great massage, but guys its not about rushing to get down to business, this process will take a little bit of your time. Take your time, make it sensual using long slow strokes. Pay attention to any areas she may be really enjoying or needing relief. Massage her  like you’re worshiping her body for the very first time after having to wait for years to touch her. Work your way from her lower back up through her shoulders and neck, exploring her body and all of the areas you especially like. Slowly work your way down to her butt. This area is a very erogenous area, so try squeezing it as you massage it, allowing your fingers to slip down into the opening between her legs and between her cheeks…. almost like you never noticed you almost touched her pussy. Now work your way to the tops of her legs, pushing up toward her butt allowing your fingers to slip down every now and again to touch her pussy lightly. Once you have noticed her responding to your touch start using your mouth to kiss up along her body…. up along the side of her body, past her ribs, up past her ribs all the way to her arms. Use your mouth and tongue sensually to tease her even more. Now swap to the there side and do it some more. Up around her neck and ears, sucking and nibbling on her ear lobes, with occasional little bites as you make you way around. Now head back to massage her butt and legs, slowly once again kissing the inside of her legs, almost kissing and licking her pussy, teasing her while she is anticipating your tongue will touch her pussy, but then never letting her know how much longer it will be until your tongue does touch her pussy.

Step Three: Dirty Talk is one of the most powerful ways of getting a woman horny, very quickly  – try whispering in her ear how much you can’t wait to lick her pussy and that you can’t wait to see her cum, over and over again.

PART TWO ….. coming soon!


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