Society may deem you a ‘FREAK’, or is Society the FREAK?? FETISHES, explained!

Do you secretly have a fetish for things that make you feel like you’re a ‘weirdo’? Well, don’t feel too bad about it because you are not alone, and probably more normal than you think.

Over the years I have analysed many things, including fetishes. I’ve questioned whether a child that sits on his mother’s lap develops a fetish for stockings or lingerie later in life. A very strict mother or father might bring about a fetish for domination or humiliation, even potentially have a higher tolerance for pain. I have noticed a man who misses his mother due to her passing, or inability to be a proper mother due to illness or mental issues tend to have a thing for roleplaying mother/son.

While no one is entirely sure how fetishes develop, some believe it starts in childhood. The idea is that an object somehow became associated with sex during the prime period of initial sexual development!

Experts theorize that an experience with masturbation as a young child – often one that has been long forgotten – could develop into a fetish for an object that serves as a subconscious reminder.

I have many men that come to me to fulfil these fetishes, sometimes married men or guys in relationships where they feel that can’t share these feelings and desires with their partner. They lead a secret life. One man in particular with a lingerie fetish, had been married for 20 years and had worn his wives underwear under his business suit daily. For 20 years and she never even knew?  It wasn’t about the underwear being a females, but the feeling of the fabric (lace, satin, etc) rubbing against their skin. He also admitted, although he wasn’t so sure he wanted to tell me initially, that he had a panty smelling fetish. Naturally, before I showered, I wiped my pussy on my underwear and gifted them to him. I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s something in the smell of a woman panties, just like pheromones, that attract them to a woman’s scent. The urge is so strong, they can’t help it!

Sexual Preferences

Besides fetishes, other common kinky preferences include:

  • Sadomasochism. People who find cruelty and humiliation sexually stimulating are known as sadists (pain-givers) and masochists (pain-receivers), and their punishing sex play is referred to as sadomasochism, or S&M. Whipping and spanking are two common ways to inflict punishment during sex. They can be light and liven up “normal” lovers’ sex lives or out of control and fraught with danger.
  • Exhibitionism. Psychiatrically speaking, exhibitionists are people who display their private parts in public to an unwilling audience, for sexual gratification. The psychological damage can be serious, particularly to children who are subjected to seeing genital “exhibition.”
  • Voyeurism. From the French word “voir,” meaning “to see,” a voyeur describes a person who is sexually excited by spying on someone getting dressed, undressed or engaging in a sexual activity. Voyeurism is viewed as a serious crime, writes Dr. Ruth in her Encyclopedia of Sex, not only because the people being watched have no knowledge, but because the Peeping Toms sometimes assault the people they are spying on.
  • Swinging and Group Sex. Some couples consciously choose to involve other people in their sex play by participating in: A mènage à trois(a couple adds a third person to the mix); wife swapping (two couples trade partners); swinging (a group of couples meets and exchanges partners among themselves); or group sex, or an orgy (a group of strangers all join the sexual adventure).

Not That There’s Usually Anything Wrong With That!

There are some fetishes I don’t participate in. It’s not personal, it’s just something I’m not turned on by. However, regardless of your fetish, I have no judgement. What happens behind closed bedroom doors is no ones business… the person that walks back out, is still the same, person that went in.

I believe we all have something unusual, deep inside of us. Many people discover theirs and explore them while others never do. Many of you hiding your fetishes, fearing condemnation, from society and all of the infected (brainwashed) and uneducated people with in it.

If you’re one of these and you’ve found someone you’re close to with a fetish, and you’ve found anything at all makes even a little bit of sense, may I urge you to do what I did.  People don’t deserve to suffer for believing they’re not ‘normal’!

Observing, Analysing, Questioning, and Educating, leads to Understanding and Acceptance!  


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