It’s A YES from me – Equality!

One of the main things on the minds of most Australian’s currently is the vote for EQUALITY!

Personally I’m a big believer in people being allowed to be themselves. Anything outside of that to me is simply ignorance!

I’m sorry if I have touched on a raw nerve for some of you that may be reading this blog. We’re all allowed to have our own OPINIONS, right?  But, is it really YOUR OPINION?

Our beliefs all come from the things we have learnt from our parents, piers, friends, enemies, etc. Most of these beliefs have been handed down for hundreds of centuries, by our parents, their parents and their parents before them. Sometimes out of care, other times out of hate, but regardless of how they were delivered these messages, repeated over and over again, seeped through to your subconscious and created memes (mind viruses) that became your core values and belief system.

In a sense we have all been brainwashed, unintentionally led into believing that it’s okay to belittle people, gossip about them, to be racist, laugh at them, make fun of them, all because they aren’t like you or because they’re a little different. Instead of embracing the differences in other, understanding their unique place within society, we have been taught to hate and bully those instead.

Just like other protests and fights for equality throughout history that had to happen, like Black Slavery, The East Berlin Wall, and Woman’s Rights. All great examples of out-dated beliefs, once unacceptable in society.Thankfully now, over time, we have come to our senses and righted the wrongs.

We’ve all been through bullying of some form in life, most of us coping the majority of it when we were at school  We’ve all been told something negative about ourselves…. too tall, too short, too smart, too dumb, too pretty, too ugly…. I think you know what I mean. If kids can’t find anything weird to pick on visually, they will find it somewhere else like your name, or the colour of your skin.

Being Gay has been something men and woman have been told for years and years, is wrong and not acceptable in society. Told instead that homosexuality was a mental illness. Most of us have probably heard stories of gay guys being picked on, teased, bullied, or sometimes even bashed to death. All just because they were born with a strong attraction to the same sex. It’s not like they can just simply turn the attraction off, there’s no switch? Consider that for a minute. Do you really believe that gay men and woman could just STOP feeling the way they do? As easy as simply flicking off a light switch.  If you’re ‘straight’ then all you need to do is answer one question yourself! ‘When did you decide to flick your switch to straight?

I made a decision many years ago to work harder on myself than I did my job. To become a better ‘ME’. So, through self development books and workshops, I got to work. Eventually, a few years later, I stumble on a story by a lady named Teri Rose. Teri was then and now a facilitator for Law of Attraction workshops. If you’ve read the book, listen to the audio book or watched a DVD called ‘The Secret” you may already know what Law of Attraction is all about.

You see, Teri Rose had a car accident which resulted in a near-death-experience that forever changed her life. As I read her story, even though I’d been an atheist for years and years, her words resonated with me. I somehow understood what she was explaining and knew it was the truth, it just felt right!

Teri’s story increased my curiosity and thirst for more, I spent weeks researching near-death-experiences on the internet, watching youtube videos and downloading interviews, re-inactments  and documentaries. Most can be found at should you also want to do some of your own research.  If I could recommend one of the stories on that site worth reading, then it would be Howard Storm’s.

The message in every story was very clear and every story I read had the same message. God, doesn’t care about any of the bullshit society does, he doesn’t care about religion, gender, occupation, or achievements. All god wanted was for us all to love each other, live in harmony, and to help one another out, if ever in need. The motto I live by today, and that came about by all of this was, LOVE, KINDNESS & RESPECT regardless of where people come from, housed or homeless, rich or poor….no-judgement. Leave a profit on peoples lives (leave people better than when you found them).

Chances are, had you had walked in that other person shoes, lived their life, had the same events, opportunities and circumstances as they did, there’d be a good chance we would have made the same decisions they did, right or wrong.

Australia it’s time to do what’s right. It’s time to allow everyone in society to be accepted and treated fairly.

It’s a YES vote from me! What will your vote on EQUALITY be?


Could We Really All be Born Bi-Sexual?

Is it possible that we were all born Bi-Sexual?

Now I know that many of you out there will be horrified to hear that, and please remember this is just my opinion. An opinion I came to after many years of observing people.  I found that as I discovered new things my curiosity grew and grew. It brought about a newfound thirst to learn even more.

Initially, the journey began by simply being best friends with a gay guy. Most gay guys in a gay club, generally don’t behave like they do outside the club or at public gatherings. I guess being in a gay club meant they could let go, and just be themselves. I was exposed to their openness. All the things they wouldn’t normally do in public, was on show, like holding hands, touching, grinding, dirty dancing, BJ’s in the toilets, kissing and anything and everything. I was quite uncomfortable seeing men together at first, but over time I understood things more and came to totally accept it. I found the club scene very interesting. I listened, observed, questioned, analysed and educated myself more.

Let me share just four of the things I’ve observed and discovered

# 1 Gay men generally swing both ways – I’m not saying they all do, but being an attractive woman that was also a bodybuilder and had a size 8 figure, I found gay men would often try and pick me up. Shocked by their attention, their response was “I’m gay but I’d jump the fence for a woman like you!”

# 2 There are ‘Gay Beats’, hidden in every town and every city. On the Gold Coast there are places along the spit, other random spots along the beach, in toilet blocks, in car parks and at the back of Adult Stores. Adult stores often have a room for men to use. They pay a small entry fee to go in, watch porn, masturbate; or hook up with other men. The store ensures a supply of condoms is always available.

# 3 Many ‘straight’ men visit Gay Beats. Yes, even married men.  I have seen men go into them, spoken to them about it or been told by gay men. Let’s face it. Men are full of testosterone, they need to off load regularly. One woman is rarely enough.

# 4 Many men enjoy receiving anal – Prostate massage is a form of anal play that when done properly, can heighten a mans orgasm significantly. In my experiences as an escort, many men enjoy this as well as strap-on. Surprisingly, I also find that it’s often the more muscular, tattooed or Alpha type males that enjoy it the most.

So, what if we were really all born Bi-Sexual?

Here’s My theory…. Imagine a ruler. One end of the ruler is ‘Straight’ and the at the other end ‘Gay’.  Some people may sit right near the edge of the ruler – lets call them the 2%ers (2% gay, 98% straight) – while the rest of the population are sliding in-between the two ends.  Some 60/40, 50/50, 80/20, etc.

The men or woman that are 2%ers, may never even think about sex with someone of the same sex or even consider it in their lifetime. Then the others may prefer the opposite sex but might consider allowing someone to give them oral, another is prepared to give and receive oral, and another may be prepared to give or receive penetration, or both which has the title ‘Versatile’.

I will admit that when I share my theory with men and woman, there are still many that deny my take on things, and I certainly could be wrong? Society has had us believe for years, infected our minds with silly out-of-date information that has been handed down over 1000’s of years. If you hear something over and over again and again, it seeps through to your sub-conscientious and becomes a belief. A belief so embedded within us we cant see the forest from the trees.

Thankfully, I finally found the common sense to question things and analyse them more deeply……. maybe you should too!

Society may deem you a ‘FREAK’, or is Society the FREAK?? FETISHES, explained!

Do you secretly have a fetish for things that make you feel like you’re a ‘weirdo’? Well, don’t feel too bad about it because you are not alone, and probably more normal than you think.

Over the years I have analysed many things, including fetishes. I’ve questioned whether a child that sits on his mother’s lap develops a fetish for stockings or lingerie later in life. A very strict mother or father might bring about a fetish for domination or humiliation, even potentially have a higher tolerance for pain. I have noticed a man who misses his mother due to her passing, or inability to be a proper mother due to illness or mental issues tend to have a thing for roleplaying mother/son.

While no one is entirely sure how fetishes develop, some believe it starts in childhood. The idea is that an object somehow became associated with sex during the prime period of initial sexual development!

Experts theorize that an experience with masturbation as a young child – often one that has been long forgotten – could develop into a fetish for an object that serves as a subconscious reminder.

I have many men that come to me to fulfil these fetishes, sometimes married men or guys in relationships where they feel that can’t share these feelings and desires with their partner. They lead a secret life. One man in particular with a lingerie fetish, had been married for 20 years and had worn his wives underwear under his business suit daily. For 20 years and she never even knew?  It wasn’t about the underwear being a females, but the feeling of the fabric (lace, satin, etc) rubbing against their skin. He also admitted, although he wasn’t so sure he wanted to tell me initially, that he had a panty smelling fetish. Naturally, before I showered, I wiped my pussy on my underwear and gifted them to him. I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s something in the smell of a woman panties, just like pheromones, that attract them to a woman’s scent. The urge is so strong, they can’t help it!

Sexual Preferences

Besides fetishes, other common kinky preferences include:

  • Sadomasochism. People who find cruelty and humiliation sexually stimulating are known as sadists (pain-givers) and masochists (pain-receivers), and their punishing sex play is referred to as sadomasochism, or S&M. Whipping and spanking are two common ways to inflict punishment during sex. They can be light and liven up “normal” lovers’ sex lives or out of control and fraught with danger.
  • Exhibitionism. Psychiatrically speaking, exhibitionists are people who display their private parts in public to an unwilling audience, for sexual gratification. The psychological damage can be serious, particularly to children who are subjected to seeing genital “exhibition.”
  • Voyeurism. From the French word “voir,” meaning “to see,” a voyeur describes a person who is sexually excited by spying on someone getting dressed, undressed or engaging in a sexual activity. Voyeurism is viewed as a serious crime, writes Dr. Ruth in her Encyclopedia of Sex, not only because the people being watched have no knowledge, but because the Peeping Toms sometimes assault the people they are spying on.
  • Swinging and Group Sex. Some couples consciously choose to involve other people in their sex play by participating in: A mènage à trois(a couple adds a third person to the mix); wife swapping (two couples trade partners); swinging (a group of couples meets and exchanges partners among themselves); or group sex, or an orgy (a group of strangers all join the sexual adventure).

Not That There’s Usually Anything Wrong With That!

There are some fetishes I don’t participate in. It’s not personal, it’s just something I’m not turned on by. However, regardless of your fetish, I have no judgement. What happens behind closed bedroom doors is no ones business… the person that walks back out, is still the same, person that went in.

I believe we all have something unusual, deep inside of us. Many people discover theirs and explore them while others never do. Many of you hiding your fetishes, fearing condemnation, from society and all of the infected (brainwashed) and uneducated people with in it.

If you’re one of these and you’ve found someone you’re close to with a fetish, and you’ve found anything at all makes even a little bit of sense, may I urge you to do what I did.  People don’t deserve to suffer for believing they’re not ‘normal’!

Observing, Analysing, Questioning, and Educating, leads to Understanding and Acceptance!  


Part Two: How to get a Woman in the Mood ……and Lick Pussy Properly!!!

Lets make you a STUD in the bedroom, shall we?

So, the arousing has begun but if you’re hopeless at licking pussy, you may kill her mood if you’re technique is crap.

If you’re like a lot of the men I meet, you may just be thinking your pussy licking skills are great, but found in most cases men really don’t have a clue. Now all you have to do is follow these steps and I guarantee you’ll have her moaning like you never have before.

Pay attention to a woman’s entire body, not just the obvious erogenous zones. Every part of her body can be used to arouse her, if its done the right way.

Step 4:  Tease, Tease, Tease…..

  1. Woman love being teased, the more you tease them, the more they love it. When your teasing her make sure you’re not predictable. Don’t make it obvious when your tongue will touch her pussy, make her wait, even if you can tell she’s begging for it.
  2. Try kissing the inside of her thighs as you slowly move upwards toward her pussy, stick your tongue out just before reaching the top of her thigh and with a soft wet tongue lick all the way through to the top of her butt cheeks. As you slowly work almost touching her pussy with your tongue but slowly lick and kiss back down slightly, nibbling and biting softly….

As a woman, I can tell you with certainty that having our pussies licked, feels incredible so guys, you have to get this part right…..

  1. stay in the moment and watch for body language, listen for her moans, feel her move her body under you!
  2. with a flat soft wet (use spit if you need to) tongue licking from below the opening of her pussy, slowly and steadily lick upwards – like when you’re eating ice-cream on a hot day… and it’s melting down the sides. If rimming is something you participate in, then use it too.
  3. When licking her pussy, remember to use your hands and/or toys… she has to be wet first though. No putting your fingers in before she is already a little aroused. Fingering a woman while licking her pussy can actually increase the amount of pleasure she experiences by at least double what she’s feeling with clit stimulation on its own.
  4. Be careful to stay in rhythm with her. You may need to really concentrate as it can sometimes be difficult to maintain rhythm and could allow her to lose focus if not done correctly. Ask her to tell you what’s good for her. An in and out motion or just stick with working the G Spot?

You have gotten her relaxed, aroused and all worked up….                                                                    so, now its time for her to orgasm.

  1. Allow her to take the lead with setting the rhythm, but stay in sync. Watch her for signals! Her movements, moaning and body langauge should help you discover what she really likes and its your job to continue doing whatever you are doing to make her so aroused, in that very moment. Trust me, now is not the time to change what your doing…. that will only lead to her losing her climax and you having to start all over again. Well, almost anyway. However, as the intensity rises increase the tempo and the pressure, and keep going!!! Some times it can take a long time for a woman to come…. so, just keep going. As long as you continue to get signals from her that she’s still enjoying it, just keep going.

You will of course, know that she has orgasmed when her body starts to spasm wildly. Once she has climaxed, she may need to to stop touching her clit for a while as it will become sensitive immediately after orgasm  – much like the head of a mans penis does.

What if it doesn’t work?

If you find that no matter what you do you still can’t get her to climax…… it will be one of two things.  She either wasn’t in the mood, or you haven’t stimulated her adequately, or licked her pussy the way she likes.

Talking will solve that one… she could have things on her mind which are then preventing her from relaxing enough for her to cum?


Well, now all you have to do is follow the plan, and ask questions….. and if you finally master it….. YOU will officially be A STUD IN THE BEDROOM!!

Congratulations in advance!! 


Part One: How To Get a Woman in the Mood….

Many men think that licking pussy is all that its about while others think that sticking there fingers in there without any prior preparation, will feel good too.

Unfortunately, woman are not highly sexed, testerone filled  beings like men are. They don’t wake up horny or even get horny over nothing. The process although different than for a man, it’s still a process that not surprisingly many men enjoy as well.

So, in tribute to every woman out there, please let me educate all you men a little.  

Step One:  Set the Right Mood ~ Dim the lights, turn on some candles and music.

Step Two: Help a woman to unwind from the stresses of everyday life.  Helping her slip into a more relaxed and more sexy frame of mind, is a great way to start.  My favourite way to be turned on is through massage. Nothing gets me more turned on than a great massage, but guys its not about rushing to get down to business, this process will take a little bit of your time. Take your time, make it sensual using long slow strokes. Pay attention to any areas she may be really enjoying or needing relief. Massage her  like you’re worshiping her body for the very first time after having to wait for years to touch her. Work your way from her lower back up through her shoulders and neck, exploring her body and all of the areas you especially like. Slowly work your way down to her butt. This area is a very erogenous area, so try squeezing it as you massage it, allowing your fingers to slip down into the opening between her legs and between her cheeks…. almost like you never noticed you almost touched her pussy. Now work your way to the tops of her legs, pushing up toward her butt allowing your fingers to slip down every now and again to touch her pussy lightly. Once you have noticed her responding to your touch start using your mouth to kiss up along her body…. up along the side of her body, past her ribs, up past her ribs all the way to her arms. Use your mouth and tongue sensually to tease her even more. Now swap to the there side and do it some more. Up around her neck and ears, sucking and nibbling on her ear lobes, with occasional little bites as you make you way around. Now head back to massage her butt and legs, slowly once again kissing the inside of her legs, almost kissing and licking her pussy, teasing her while she is anticipating your tongue will touch her pussy, but then never letting her know how much longer it will be until your tongue does touch her pussy.

Step Three: Dirty Talk is one of the most powerful ways of getting a woman horny, very quickly  – try whispering in her ear how much you can’t wait to lick her pussy and that you can’t wait to see her cum, over and over again.

PART TWO ….. coming soon!