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Sex Workshops for Men & Woman

It’s been suggested to me recently that I should teach woman how to have sex or should I say please a men. Now, I know only too well that this goes both ways so lets say Men & Woman…. everybody. Years ago when I grew up, there wasn’t as much information around […]

Most People Are Honest

When I grew up you didn’t have to mistrust people’s intentions. Most people were honest and you rarely came across people who just wanted to scam u. Unfortunately, those days are gone. Reprogramming myself has been a very slow process. Burnt by so many honest looking folk, and friends. Those […]

Societies Out-Dated Beliefs

After the breakup of my marriage, I found myself searching for answers on life. It was the hardest thing Ive ever been through personally and I was hurt and confused. After a long road of personal development, and research I actually discovered life wasn’t what I was told it would […]