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It’s A YES from me – Equality!

One of the main things on the minds of most Australian’s currently is the vote for EQUALITY! Personally I’m a big believer in people being allowed to be themselves. Anything outside of that to me is simply ignorance! I’m sorry if I have touched on a raw nerve for some of you that may be reading this blog. We’re all allowed to have our own OPINIONS, right?  But, is it really YOUR OPINION? Our beliefs […]


Could We Really All be Born Bi-Sexual?

Is it possible that we were all born Bi-Sexual? Now I know that many of you out there will be horrified to hear that, and please remember this is just my opinion. An opinion I came to after many years of observing people.  I found that as I discovered new things my curiosity grew and grew. It brought about a newfound thirst to learn even more. Initially, the journey began by simply being best friends […]

Society may deem you a ‘FREAK’, or is Society the FREAK?? FETISHES, explained!

Do you secretly have a fetish for things that make you feel like you’re a ‘weirdo’? Well, don’t feel too bad about it because you are not alone, and probably more normal than you think. Over the years I have analysed many things, including fetishes. I’ve questioned whether a child that sits on his mother’s lap develops a fetish for stockings or lingerie later in life. A very strict mother or father might bring about a fetish […]

Part Two: How to get a Woman in the Mood ……and Lick Pussy Properly!!!

Lets make you a STUD in the bedroom, shall we? So, the arousing has begun but if you’re hopeless at licking pussy, you may kill her mood if you’re technique is crap. If you’re like a lot of the men I meet, you may just be thinking your pussy licking skills are great, but found in most cases men really don’t have a clue. Now all you have to do is follow these steps and I […]

Part One: How To Get a Woman in the Mood….

Many men think that licking pussy is all that its about while others think that sticking there fingers in there without any prior preparation, will feel good too. Unfortunately, woman are not highly sexed, testerone filled  beings like men are. They don’t wake up horny or even get horny over nothing. The process although different than for a man, it’s still a process that not surprisingly many men enjoy as well. So, in tribute to […]